Recharging Your Batteries With Erin Myres

Eva Mireles3rd Grade, ELA, The Reading Teacher's Playbook Podcast

In This Episode:
I interviewed Erin Myres and we talked about ways teachers can recharge this summer.
Erin has been teaching for 8 years and has experience in both elementary and middle school. She will be stepping into a new position in the fall as a program coordinator and will be working with teachers to further develop the curriculum we teach.
Listen as Erin shares:
  • The benefits of habit stacking to recharge.
  • The difference between relaxing and rest and how both play a vital role in physical and mental recharging in order to avoid burnout.
  • How we need to be intentional in our efforts to recharge because it is possible to still feel burned out after time off.
  • How tapping into our inner child can be the secret to recharging before we jump into the next school year.
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