Ep. 25: Edupreneurship + Leadership with Kristin Maahs

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

Ep #25 Teacher Leader Podcast

In this episode, former First Grade teacher Kristin Maahs and I discuss matters edupreneurship. Kristin encourages teacher leaders to step out, learn, and do business outside the classroom with the help of technology.

Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • Teacher leadership is about stepping out of what you know (changing mindset)
  • Learning through online communities for teacher leaders
  • There’re lots of edupreneurship opportunities from ideas about something you are passionate about inside and outside the classroom
  • How to position yourself as a teacher leader online


Kristin is a former First grade teacher turned entrepreneur. She is a small town girl from Wisconsin where she lives with her husband and three kids. Kristin stepped out of the classroom 5 years ago when her son had some medical problems and hasn’t looked back. After matching her teaching salary, she now spends her days helping teachers grow their online businesses by turning their expertise and biggest passion into an online course.

Connect with Kristin on her website: She’s Building a Dream and @kristin.maahs on Facebook. Also, listen to her podcast: The Dream Builder Teachers Podcast.



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