EP. #22: Math Mindset with Jenzaia

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In this episode, I chat with Jenzaia DiMartile – an elementary school teacher in Ontario and the host of the Math Mindset Reset podcast. We discuss ideas for developing a positive math mindset among teachers, kids, and parents. Here’s a recap of the episode:

  • Why kids have a negative view of math
  • How teachers can change their math mindset
  • Building kids’ positive math mindset using affirmations and reflection
  • Parent engagement in the positive math mindset journey


Jenzaia DiMartile is a grade 1 French Immersion teacher in Ontario.

She helps teachers design math programs that focus on social-emotional learning in order to foster positive math mindset in students.  She loves using hands-on and digital resources that engage learners. From escape rooms to Boom Cards™ to outdoor math, Jenzaia is always looking for new ways to inspire students and fellow teachers. 

Connect with Jenzaia: mmepingouin.ca/, The Math Mindset Reset Podcast, Facebook (@mmepingouin) and Instagram (@mmepingouin).


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