Think Better: Staying Present and Leaving Shouldville Behind

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TL;DR: Many teachers battle with shouldville—all of the things we should do or have done. Dwelling on all the things can cause stress, anxiety, and resentment. Make sure you are really focusing on what is most beneficial including your own personal time. As an educator, August was always the month that I quickly found myself living in shouldville. I would find … Read More

Think Better: What Does REST Mean to YOU?

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TL;DR: Rest with intention each day. Listen to your body, mind, and soul and ignite your inner passion to share with the world. (R) Re-Connect from Within (E) Embrace Yourself in Joy (S) Simplify Your Priorities (T) Trust in the Timing. As educators, I am sure we have all played, or at least heard of, the word association game.  You … Read More

Realigning During Moments of Change

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TL;DR: Don’t let limiting beliefs take over. Realign yourself in times of change by creating an anchor affirmation, scheduling energy check-ins, increasing times of stillness and silence, enjoying nature, and remembering that change is part of the journey. A few months ago I embarked on a journey that truly tested my ability to think better during moments of change. On … Read More

When You Feel Lost: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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TL;DR: Even when we feel lost, we actually are just stepping outside of our comfort zone. Recognize that moving forward may not always be in a linear form. Review your values. Do something unexpected and allow your body and mind to experience the adventure you’re ready for!  Where to Begin? Oh my goodness.  Where to even begin.   Lately, I’ve felt … Read More

Building MOMENTUM, One Month at a Time

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TL;DR: The end of a month and beginning of a new one is a natural time to reflect and kick-start our momentum. Learn three ways to begin and end each month strong: (1) Schedule 2-3 ME times. (2) Update your highlight reel. (3) Audit the past month and set intentions for the new month. The end of a month can … Read More