Finding Your “Phase of Life” to Open Doors

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TL;DR: We are continually going through phases in our life both professionally and personally. Dream big about what you want both personally and professionally. Whatever phase you’re in, be your best self! Phases of Life I feel as though humans are continually entering into and out of “phases of life.” Some phases last weeks while others last years. As we … Read More

French Fries vs. Teachers: The Value of an Educator

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TL;DR: Teachers are like French fries. They have stood the test of time and everyone is better with them in their lives. Teachers deserve respect. We should choose to educate our community about what goes on in school buildings and share all the good that we do. French Fries vs. Teachers: The Value of an Educator Y’all, I think French … Read More

Ending on a High Note Blog Series

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Ending on a High Note Blog Series Overview Ending the year strong is just as important as kicking the year off with a BANG! But how do we ensure that the energy we worked to build up all summer long is still within us to end the year on a great foot? Check out the strategies in this blog series … Read More

Let’s Start Now to Finish BETTER!

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TL;DR: “Start Now to Finish Better: Intentional Shifts to End the Year Strong” is a new course in the Teach Better Academy! This course will help you have a meaningful end to your school year. Stay motivated and energized while connecting with your students to end the year strong. Finish Your Year Strong The end of any school year brings … Read More

A Teacher’s Impact Can Transcend Generations

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TL;DR: A teacher’s impact on the lives of their students can transcend generations. Don’t lose sight of the fact that though they may not be tangible, we are making positive impacts on lives every single day. I wanted to be a teacher my entire life. I have memories as early as kindergarten, coming home from school and teaching my stuffed … Read More