Modeling Technology Use for Our Students

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Modeling Technology Use for Our Students

In This Post: The problem with student technology use… and overuse. Tools to become more aware of technology use for students and adults. Alternatives to technology in the classroom and at home. Three ways to balance technology use in your and your students’ lives! I recently had a conversation with a student about technology use that went a little something … Read More

Waiting to Have “Those Conversations” Is Hurting Students

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In This Post The importance of conversations about our students’ futures. Helping our classrooms become avenues for discovering passion & practical uses for it! Using your content to help students find their futures. Growing up, learning was a struggle. I moved throughout my day feeling as if I was walking through a fog of confusion. While most of my classes … Read More

5 Characteristics of Strong School Leaders

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In This Post: The 5 qualities successful most school leaders have. Ideas on how to become a more successful leader in your school – no matter your position! Being a school leader is about more than a title or position. It’s about imparting change and leading the vision of a school, class, or department. And it’s not always easy. In working … Read More

Teaching Writing for Student Voice

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In this post: The importance of providing freedom for students in your writing instruction. Strategies to use when teaching writing to shift the focus to student voice. My experience and background in empowering student writers. When we think about teaching writing, we often associate it with the traditional 5 paragraph essay, a regimented guide, or a ready-made curriculum. There’s a … Read More

Strategies to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in students

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In This Post: The importance of helping students increase critical thinking skills. Ways to promote the essential skills needed to analyze and evaluate. Strategies to incorporate critical thinking into your instruction. We ask our teachers to be “future-ready” or say that we are teaching “for jobs that don’t exist yet.” These are powerful statements. At the same time, they give … Read More