Before You Know How, You Have to Know Why

Christine Ravesi-WeinsteinBlog, Class Management, Engagement, Lesson Planning

In This Post: The importance of determining your purpose in education. How discovering your why can change your practice and have greater impact on your students. The impact of leading with purpose, especially on students with anxiety. Educational leadership and modeling your why. From our professional lives to our personal lives, there are so many things that we find ourselves … Read More

Make Every Moment Count: Myths and Strategies for Learning

Mary Ellen RileyBlog, Class Management

In this post: A dispelling of some popular educational myths Tips to help students discover and activate their studying abilities Strategies to make every moment of learning count Tips to take directly into your classroom to help students learn more effectively When my 10 pound baby was born, I realized my first born son had gone his whole life (almost … Read More

Top 6 Classroom Management Pet Peeves

Tiffany OttBlog, Class Management, Video

Video Highlights: Tiffany Ott gets on a soapbox about her top 6 classroom management Pet Peeves! When should you punish the whole class for the actions of a few? Never! Let’s talk about recess Consistency, consistency, consistency Public shaming? I don’t think so! When you need help, get help! About Tiffany Ott Tiffany Ott is the Director of Curriculum Development … Read More

30 Things I Learned [About Teaching] Before Turning 30

Lauren SalsingerBlog, Class Management

If Taylor Swift did it, why can’t I? Turning 30 is weird for me, mainly because everyone says it’s great, but I loved my 20s SO much that it’s hard to imagine better! It’s the time I got my dream job…and in that same decade have been referred to as a veteran teacher. I’ve worked with many students in so … Read More

Collaborative Behavior Planning: Putting Students at the Helm

Francesca RivelliniBlog, Class Management, Engagement, Innovation, UDL

In this post: Discover the biggest problem with most student behavior plans What is a student-led behavior plan? Steps to make a student-led behavior plan work for students and teachers Let’s get this out in the open: implementing and designing behavior plans to improve the behavior of challenging students is not an easy task. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they … Read More