Ep. 27: How Podcasting Changed The Game with Joshua Stamper

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_Teacher Leader Podcast Episode 27

  In this episode, we chat with Joshua Stamper, a middle school Assistant Principal, former classroom Art educator, and athletic coach. He shares his professional learning and development journey from initially as a classroom educator to now a leadership coach, author and podcaster. Here’s a recap of the episode: Benefits of podcasting – discovering the power of your voice, meeting … Read More

Ep. 26: Being a Learner and a Leader with Eva Mireles

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

Teacher Leader Podcast Episode #26

In this episode, Eva Mireles and I chat about the importance of learning in teacher leadership development. Eva is a reading specialist and coach. She’s also a budding entrepreneur, passionate about helping teachers find a realistic approach to teaching reading to avoid overwhelm and focus on creating meaningful and engaging experiences for students. Here’s a recap of the episode: Self-awareness … Read More

Ep. 25: Edupreneurship + Leadership with Kristin Maahs

Brittany RinconTeacher Leader Podcast

Ep #25 Teacher Leader Podcast

In this episode, former First Grade teacher Kristin Maahs and I discuss matters edupreneurship. Kristin encourages teacher leaders to step out, learn, and do business outside the classroom with the help of technology. Here’s a recap of the episode: Teacher leadership is about stepping out of what you know (changing mindset) Learning through online communities for teacher leaders There’re lots of … Read More

Ep. 24: Exploring Love in a Pre-K Classroom with Qiana Davis

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E24_exploring love in pre-k classroom

In this episode, we chat with Early Childhood Educator, Qiana Davis, about bringing love to the classroom. The discussion is anchored on her new and amazing children’s book ‘Love is Me’. Here’s a recap of the episode: Inspiring, supporting, and encouraging others to achieve their dreams Teaching Pre-K learners to love one another and themselves Embracing self-love as a teacher … Read More

Ep. 23: Online Leadership with Kirsten Hammond

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Episode 23_Teacher Leader Podcast

  In this episode, I chat with Kirsten Hammond, a Houston-based elementary school teacher, and teacherpreneur. We discuss interesting teacher leadership ideas and experiences. Here’s a recap of the episode: Positioning yourself as a teacher leader Online learning opportunities for teacher leaders 4 steps on how to become a teacher leader online LINKS MENTIONED Follow Kirsten on her website: THE … Read More