Five Characteristics of Teacher Leaders

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TL;DR: You can find teacher leaders in every school. A teacher leader is allocentric, focused on others. Reflection is a key practice of teacher leaders. Leaders encourage others and create new leaders. Teacher Leaders Teacher leaders exist in every school around the world.  Curriculum design teams, school improvement teams, department chairs, committee members, and thought leaders are the engines that … Read More

S2 E5 Teacher Productivity Tips with Grace Marie Griffith

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Come join me and  Grace Marie Griffith in this week’s episode! She is a productivity coach for teachers, a toddler momma, and a coffee enthusiast. In this episode we talk about: Why productivity needs to be personal Setting boundaries as a form of self care Connect with Grace on Instagram or listen to her podcast, Teacher Take the Lead. Links Mentioned in this Episode:  Save … Read More

S2 E4: Preventing Teacher Burn Out with Maria Bridwell

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Come join me and  Maria Bridwell in this week’s episode! She is an amazing educator, administrator, and podcast host that supports educators with encouragement and information so that they can thrive in their day to day life. In this episode we talk about: Nurturing relationships to prevent burn out Setting boundaries as a form of self care Remembering to stop and reflect … Read More

Ep. 29: Tips for Teacher Leader Self-Care with The Leadership Lifesaver

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In this episode, we chat with Michele Wiggins, leadership coach and former school principal. Michele spent 20 years in education before shifting to leadership coaching. She’s dedicated to constantly reminding women leaders of the importance of faith, self-care, and community. Here’s a recap of the episode: Teachers show up every day ready and wanting to help but rarely pause to … Read More