Shifting To Satisfaction

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TL;DR: There are two versions of ourselves: our summer selves and our school year selves. We can quickly feel unbalanced when we return to school. There is no such thing as work/life balance because it’s not attainable. Instead, it’s work/life satisfaction. Work/Life Satisfaction Welp. Here we are. Some of us are already in the full swing of teaching, and some of us … Read More

Remember Love This School Year

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TL;DR: Sometimes we struggle and need to put in greater effort in order to feel aligned, content, and balanced. Happiness is a discipline. We may be feeling nervous about returning to school, but remember love this school year. People remember us for the way we love. So as we begin a new school year, we can love our students, colleagues, … Read More

Just a Teacher

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TL;DR: In education, there can be a lot of pressure to take roles outside of the classroom. But it is okay to be “just a teacher.” Trust your feelings and follow a path that you desire, not what you think other people want you to do. The first memory I have of wanting to be a teacher was probably in … Read More

Rest. Reflect. Heal.

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TL;DR: Over the last 15 months, educators have accomplished so many seemingly impossible things. This summer, we should give ourselves permission to rest, reflect, and heal. Rest. Reflect. Heal. You GUYS. It’s been a YEAR. My WORD. (Yes, I am yelling.) Here are just a few of the things we’ve accomplished over the past 15 months:  Taught in multiple modes  Adjusted to … Read More