Batching Educational Productivity

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TL;DR: Batching your tasks can help you to be more productive. This post shares strategies for batching your tasks, such as choosing specific times to engage on email each day, scheduling multiple phone calls in the same sitting, and taking a break to increase productivity later. “Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of commitment to excellence, … Read More

3 Strategies For Better Time Management

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TL;DR: Time management strategies include tracking then analyzing your usage, using calendar blocking, and implementing the Ivy Lee Method. Remember that implementing new strategies takes time and you likely won’t be consistent at first. Better time management means efficiency increases. This leads to feeling better, performing better, working better, and more free time. If you’re like me, your time is … Read More

Using the 10/100/1,000 Exercise to Improve Your Time Management

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Jeff Gargas discusses how to use the “10/100/1,000” exercise to improve your time management.  [scroll down to keep reading] Time management has always been an issue with me. The line between what’s important and what is essential can oftentimes become so blurry. A few months ago, a friend of mine recommended the High Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard. This … Read More