Why School Administrators Need to Embrace Social Media

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TL;DR: Your community is on social media now more than ever. If you’re not utilizing social media to communicate with students, stakeholders, and staff, you’re not using a potentially valuable tool. In the “new world” of COVID-19, people are turning to social media even more. You should be there. There is so much value in simply listening to your community. … Read More

3 Focuses for Marketing Your School in The ’20s

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TL;DR: Why you should be marketing your school. 3 focuses to market your school & realistic tips to get started now. A challenge to start marketing your school to your audience… NOW. Yep. I said it: Marketing your school. Let’s start here: If you think your school doesn’t need to be marketing itself, you’re wrong. Full Stop. For the first real … Read More

Using TikTok to Build Relationships with Students

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In This Post: A brief overview of the new trend in social media: TikTok. Using popular social media to build relationships with students. Connecting popular social media to your content area. What is TikTok? TikTok? Have you heard of it? Do you remember the app Musical.ly? While I never jumped into the Musical.ly world and I said TikTok was ridiculous, … Read More