Trust Builder

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TL;DR: Trust is important in both your personal and professional relationships. Finding ways to reduce your workload so you have more time to help students and foster relationships is important. Education Blueprint is a great resource to help you achieve this. I’ve followed John Maxwell’s work since becoming a teacher 10 years ago. He has transformed the way I think … Read More

Growth is a Lifelong Endeavor

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TL;DR: Teachers don’t just give children the tools they need to succeed in life. They give them the tools they need for lifelong GROWTH. Stagnation is not an option and growth is a lifelong endeavor.  This post shares what Education Blueprint means to Laura. I am not a teacher. I don’t have a teaching degree. And I haven’t spent a … Read More

Teachers, Write Your Own Headlines

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TL;DR: Writing your own headlines can help transform negativity into a more positive light. Focus on the good. We know when we do that, the good just keeps getting better. Write Your Own Headlines! There’s a story floating around the Internet by Pastor Andy Stanley with the idea of writing your own headlines. Given the state of the world and … Read More

The Giving Tree

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TL;DR: We can learn about giving from Shel Silverstein’s children’s book, “The Giving Tree.” Recognize that you have gifts and tools that will make others happy when you share them. “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein has long been a cherished book of mine. I remember when I first received the book as a gift when I was seven years … Read More

Shooting for the Moon

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TL;DR: Growth is found in risk. With each lesson, educators shoot for the moon. Educators have so many responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. Sharing resources with other educators can help you reach the moon daily. We’ve often heard the phrase, “shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” But what exactly does that mean when applied … Read More