Episode 36: Sound off on Self Care as a teacher

Alex Calderon1st Gen Teacher Lens Podcast

Hey Y’all, We’re are back after a bit of a hiatus due to vacation and personal life stuff. It’s great to come back on and to connect with listeners. This episode came about while talking to another educator about it being ok not to finish everything as a teacher. You can worry about the unfinished items another day and take … Read More

Make the Drive Part of the Experience

Raymond PortenBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better, Innovate Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: For the past two years, Ray has involved his two boys with cooking by taking turns shopping, preparing, cooking, and serving the food from different countries around the world. More recently, they have changed it up by challenging themselves with a cost budget and weight budget, forcing them to be more creative. The best part of this experience is … Read More

Recipe for Renewal

Brandi KellyBlog, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Educators need renewal this summer more than ever! Renew your mind, body, and spirit for the upcoming school year! Summertime is upon us! After this past school year, educators need a time of renewal more now than ever. As I am wrapping up summer school, I am reflecting on how I will intentionally use the month of July for … Read More