Highlights of 2020: In Case You Missed It

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TL;DR: This post shares highlights of Teach Better blog posts in 2020. Categories for posts include pandemic teaching, self-care, instructional strategies, conversations, growth mindset, communication, and leadership. Pandemic Teaching 3 Ways to Support Students Virtually by Chelsea Nicolino 5 Ways to Support Students and Teachers Virtually and Maintaining Rigor through Distance Learning by Chad Ostrowski Key Considerations for Educators During … Read More

Self-Care Starts With YOU!

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TL;DR: Understand your self-worth by becoming aware of the thoughts you have, accept yourself as you are today, acknowledge where you want to go, and take aligned action. Self-care actions include redefining what self-care looks like, celebrating yourself in the mirror, accepting your thoughts, listening to a podcast, dancing to your favorite song, and more! Over the past couple of … Read More

Therapy for Teachers: Let’s Talk About It

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TL;DR: Educators can normalize prioritizing mental health, both in crisis and as a preventative measure, by considering therapy. Zoodoc, BetterHelp, and Talkspace are resources people can use if they are considering options for therapy. My 2020 New Year’s Resolution was simple: find a therapist, and commit to going regularly. I first met with Dr. Y in January. I found her … Read More

In the Trenches? What You Can Do to Pull Yourself Out!

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TL;DR Summer gave us opportunities to learn and prepare, but plans changed for some. At this time in the year, teachers are stressed out. Dana Goodier has a new podcast, Out of the Trenches, where she speaks to guests about how they manage difficult situations with resiliency. 30-day challenge: Take care of yourself by taking breaks, do things for yourself, … Read More

Certainties During an Uncertain Time

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TL;DR: There are a number of certainties during this uncertain time that we can count on. Some certainties we can count on are that we are resilient, communication is key, relationships matter, and partnerships between stakeholders and parents help students thrive. Hybrid instruction. Zoom. Virtual open house. Remote learning. Material distribution. Virtual instruction. Synchronous learning. Asynchronous learning. Hyflex instruction. Google … Read More