Mind full or Mindful?

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In this Post The reality of a mental health day (MHD). Take steps to better your mental status through 10-15 min of purposeful you time. Daily reflection is key. Build in supports to make each day manageable. At certain points of a school year, you may hear someone talking about taking a mental health day (MHD) – you may have … Read More

42: Pamper Triggers – Dan Tricarico chats with us about finding the things that make you zen.

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Listen to episode 42 of the teach better talk podcast with Dan Tricarico - The Zen Teacher

 25+ year veteran teacher, and author of “The Zen Teacher,” Dan Tricarico, chats with us about working with teachers to reduce stress and increase their self care to avoid burn out. Dan talks about when he knew he had found something that teachers needed, shares a story of connecting content to a student’s real life, and how he hijacked … Read More