5 Tips for Infusing SEL

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TL;DR: Character and SEL are not an extra. They are the foundation that all other academic content rests on. Include targets for SEL in lessons. CASEL has an interactive framework wheel to use. When creating expectations for your students, you have to intentionally teach the concept of SEL and re-teach it. Include SEL in daily practice, lessons, and activities throughout … Read More

EP 193 3 Levels of SEL Implementation

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Tre' Gammage · EP 193 3 Levels Of SEL Implementation MORE EPISODES Time stamps: 1:33 – Take Away 4:08 – Missing Competencies 9:01 – Collaborate – Videogram 1 10:07 14:45 – What it means Videogram 2 15: 48 16:30 -Discount Code Videogram 3 17:42

3 Strategies to Support Student Understanding

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TL;DR: Schools and districts need to think ahead to the future and prepare a strategy to meet the needs of each learner. The most effective strategy to support student understanding may be to combine the following: Through a deficit approach to provide additional support to fill in the gaps. Building on the strengths of learners through assessments, feedback, and academic … Read More

3 Levels of SEL Implementation

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TL;DR: SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) is as important as academic learning. For successful SEL implementation, teacher training frameworks must develop educator social-emotional competence and understanding of students’ Social-Emotional Learning needs. Integrate SEL by adding an SEL PLC session to your regular schedule. CASEL offers a school-wide guide to SEL. Four classroom SEL practices are explicit instruction, integrated with academics, youth voice … Read More