Exploring Your Emotions as an Educator

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TL;DR: Are you aware of the emotions present within your classroom environment? Educators are taught to focus on action rather than on feeling the emotions below the surface. The core emotions are fear, anger, sadness, shame, jealousy, disgust, happiness, and love. Identify and unpack emotions so you can take care of yourself. Instead of putting “I am” before a feeling … Read More

WSPD ’21: Talking to Students About Suicide

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TL;DR: It’s important to talk about suicide. It’s everyone’s role to discuss, prevent, and destigmatize suicide. Suicide prevention is social justice and access issue as well as a mental health issue. We need to become a trauma-informed, caring educator so we can support students who need help. Below you will find a list of common myths about suicide talk. Generally, … Read More

Teachers These Days: A Must Read

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TL;DR: Teachers These Days by Dr. Jody Carrington and Laurie McIntosh is a must-read. These authors are follow-worthy on Instagram because of their infectious enthusiasm and inspiration. Building relationships with staff and students are important. We are stronger together, can do more together, and thrive when we connect to others. Find peers that will support you. Being trauma-informed means we … Read More

Tips for the Start of an Unusual School Year

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TL;DR: The new school year is usually full of different thoughts and emotions because of the change. It’s like switching teams every year with different learners. This post shares a number of tips for the beginning of the school year. Set up a reflection bench to allow students to talk in the corridors. Set up recharge zones filled with books, … Read More