Moving Your Staff From Stressed to Strategic

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Moving Your Staff From Stressed to Strategic Video Highlights: Learn how to set up your vision. Reduce the stress of staff and teachers. Reach goals and move the needle without pushback. [scroll down to keep reading] About Chad Ostrowski Chad Ostrowski is the co-founder of the Teach Better Team, and creator of The Grid Method. He is also a co-author … Read More

Agile Leadership During A Storm

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TL;DR: Agile school leaders designing plans with multiple contingency plans and keep the end in mind. Seek clarity in the storm and in your plans to communicate with the public.  Embrace complexity and allow cognitive elasticity to support team decisions, rather than relying on traditional approaches and what worked in the past. “This is about identifying the direction you and the … Read More

12 Lessons For Instructional Leaders

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TL;DR: Instructional leaders play an important role in providing a system that supports teaching and learning so that students will continue to be challenged and grow. Successful principals who are instructional leaders understand the importance of establishing a clear vision and commitment to learning goals. Administrators must create time for instructional leadership. Below you will find 12 lessons for instructional … Read More

Tag Out

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TL;DR: Instead of doing a walkthrough, administrators can do a tag out. This allows the teacher a chance to do a walkthrough in a room of one of their peers. With tag outs, educators get the time to learn from their peers. This provides them an opportunity to learn more than they might if they were being observed by an … Read More

Be a Leader Who Empowers Your Staff

Dana GoodierBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: Be a leader who empowers your staff by helping each teacher see their strengths and potential. Opening up classrooms to walkthroughs gives small groups of teachers on grade and subject-level teams the opportunity to discover the cool things their colleagues are doing. Walkthroughs can have a theme around literacy, student engagement, standards-based grading, or anything else your school is … Read More