4 Tips for Classroom Management

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TL;DR: Routines and structures are key to strong classroom management. Consider your first 5 minutes of class and intentionally decide how you will spend that time. What works one day might not work the next; what works for one class may not work for another. Classroom management will always be a work in progress; not every single day will go … Read More

Bracket Your Day with Consistent Routines

Bryan ZwemkeBlog, Manage Better, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Structure the beginning of your day to have a consistent routine.  Before leaving work, clean up your email inbox by returning all messages from the day. As you end your day, create a system to keep track of items that need to be addressed the following day.  As school leaders begin their school year supporting their students, staff, parents, … Read More

3 Takeaways That Build Your Mindset Momentum

Lindsay TitusBlog, Manage Better, Reflect Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Your morning routine starts the night before. Create routines based on what you want to feel. Incorporate small, simple, and strategic steps along the way. Remember that each day is YOUR day! Build Your Mindset Momentum  It’s always an honor being a guest on the Daily Drop In series with my Teach Better Family. The Daily Drop Ins, after … Read More

Routine vs. Schedule

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TL;DR: Establishing a flexible routine for children includes your morning routine, work routine, downtime routine, and evening routine. Kids can either follow a strict schedule or a daily routine. It’s important to remember that life happens—circumstances and emotions change day to day. Now that I am a few weeks into remote teaching with both my students and my own three … Read More