The Secret of Building Resilient Kids: Growth Mindset

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TL;DR: Learn to teach kids that failure is a process and never a final state. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, to fail forward, and keep growing. Use picture books to teach resilience and grit. Growth Mindset: No More Giving Up! So often, kids say, “I can’t” or “It’s too hard.” So how do we instill the notion that failure is … Read More

Get Yourself Out of the Trenches with Dr. Dana Goodier

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast

  In this latest episode, I’m chatting with Dana Goodier who ┬áhas served as a World Languages and English teacher and middle school administrator with over 21 years of experience . She completed her EdD in Educational Leadership in early 2020. Building off of her own growth as a teacher, she is dedicated to providing schools with techniques to minimize … Read More

Persevere Better: Understanding Grit and Resilience

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TL;DR: What are the differences between grit and resilience? Grit is an intrinsic quality within a person that drives them to keep going. Resilience allows you to bounce back from hardships. If you already have grit within you, resilience will allow that fire to stay alive. Grit and Resilience I recently engaged with my learning network members about the difference … Read More

The Stages of Resilience in an Unprecedented School Year

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TL;DR: This year did not go the way we anticipated and every element was constantly changing. Regardless of how unprecedented this year was, you did it. You made it to the end of this chapter. The three stages of resilience from this unpreceded year include regret, reflection, and resilience. The Stages of Resilience – Stage One: Regret This school year … Read More

An Open Letter to Teachers: You Are a Hero

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TL;DR: Prior to the pandemic, people did not put as much thought into what a teacher did every day. People began to recognize the work of teachers when they had to teach their own children at home. A hero is a legendary figure endowed with great strength and agility. They have special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities. They are idealized … Read More