3 Tips for Healing from Educator Burnout or Disengagement

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TL;DR: Heal from educator burnout or disengagement by recognizing emotions, setting boundaries, and developing self-awareness. We need to intentionally make the decision to heal every day. So, you’re exhausted. You’ve been spending copious amounts of time working and it feels like there is no end in sight. Sometimes, you find yourself staring at the computer screen, scrolling aimlessly through social … Read More

4 Tips to Reimagine Assessment

Dave SchmittouBlog, Grade Better, Lead Better, Mastery Done Better

TL;DR: Assessment should be a series of events, each leading to the next moment of improvement. Reimagine assessment by determining what you value and seeking assessment that leads to instruction. Understand that “one and done” is not enough and consider consistency and recency when assessing. As I am writing this, March Madness is ramping up. It is my favorite time … Read More

Keep Learning

Erin HealeyBlog, Connect Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: As an educator, professional learning is an essential part of our career. Keep learning with professional development options such as engaging on social media and subscribing to blogs and podcasts. You can also keep learning with paid professional development options. Examples include becoming a member of a professional organization, attending conferences, or taking additional classes. In our last blog … Read More

5 Out of the Box Ways to Engage TEACHERS in Professional Development

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In This Post: As a Student Learning Coach, providing meaningful professional development for my teachers is so important. There are 5 out of the box ways to engage teachers in PD. What better way to guide discussions than by leading with the students? Inviting students in and having teachers watch drives engagement. Google Classroom isn’t limited to your class, it … Read More