AWC Episode #65: Observer vs. Guest

Jennifer AppelAWC Podcast

In this episode, Jennifer and Hans break down the difference between a classroom observer and classroom guest.  Later, Hans shares a few elements of his favorite classroom visits.   Listen on your favorite podcast platform! More Episodes

Beginning Of The Year Goal Setting: Student Edition

Eva Mireles3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher, 5th grade teacher, The Reading Teacher's Playbook Podcast, Upper Elementary, Upper Elementary Teacher

In the last episode we talked all about setting goals for yourself as the teacher of your reading block. We talked about my 7 step approach to setting goals that stick and how to use those goals to craft a PD plan.  In this episode we are going to talk about applying the same goal setting framework to your class … Read More

Episode 39: Sound off on being back in school

Alex Calderon1st Gen Teacher Lens Podcast

Hey, Y’all, we’re back with a brand new episode! In this episode, I talk about being in the school building after a year of virtual teaching. The kiddos came in for two days only for testing, and the rest of the days, we were in PDs and finding our rhythm in the building again. It is exciting to be back … Read More