Big Fun in the Sun

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TL;DR: Research has shown that playing outdoors has great benefits for adults and children alike.  Some examples of outdoor play is Giant Jenga, Human Foosball, and simply water! There are huge benefits to outdoor play for adults and children. Research shows that play has cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits. Moving play to the outdoors provides different stimuli and interactions … Read More

Choose Your Play for Summer Days

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TL;DR: This summer, step out of your comfort zone and try some new ways to play! This post shares some new ways to choose your play this summer, including CrossFit, yoga, gaming, and art. Summer is finally here this week for our school district. Let me tell you, I need some play! Play looks different for people. I know a … Read More

Picture Perfect: Keep Social Media Use Positive

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TL;DR: To make the most out of social media, take care of your time, pause for play, be picky, enjoy the appreciation, and ask for help. Life isn’t picture perfect. Use these strategies to stay positive on social media. In my last post, I dove into the impact social media can have on mental health. In this blog, I am … Read More

Never Too Old For Play

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TL;DR: “Play” is an activity that one chooses to do and that brings that person enjoyment.   Play looks different for everyone. What might be considered play for someone might be work for another, and vice versa. Another teacher/friend talks to me about play! Marie McCumber is a teacher of 5th graders at the Ohio State School for the Blind. … Read More

Let Them Be Little

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TL;DR: Find success with hosting Twitter chats by scheduling your tweets, using your computer, inviting your PLN to join, and picking a topic that you are truly passionate about. Global School Play Day is a holiday that brings awareness to the benefits of unstructured play. BreAnn shares an original poem, Let Them Be Little. These past two weeks have been a … Read More