4 Reasons You Should Love What You Do

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In This Post: Loving what you do is important for many reasons. Four reasons why you should really love teaching and why what you do is important. Ok, let’s be honest; sometimes work can suck. Yep, I said it. Me, Mr “I love Mondays because I love what I do.” Because it’s true. Even when you love what you do, … Read More

Unlocking the Power of Your Ikigai

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In This Post: An introduction to ikigai, the Japanese notion of living your why. Steps to identify your ikigai. Self-reflection questions to ensure you find and maintain your ikigai. Long before Simon Sinek shared about the importance of “knowing your why”, the Japanese gave birth to a concept that encapsulated a power. This power unlocked the pursuit of the heart.  … Read More

09: Passion-Based Learning – Tal Thompson shares the power of PBL and why he doesn’t really like the phrase “teacher.”

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Episode 09 - Teach Better Talk Podcast

In this episode, “Tall Tal” Tal Thompson takes us into his classroom, the “Innovation HUB” and shares why he doesn’t really like the phrase “teacher.” Tal discusses his passion for PBL, and why creating authentic experiences is where our focus needs to be. As a Facilitator Of Learning Experiences, Tal talks about being a risk-taker, teaching his students to embrace … Read More