The Future of Education Post-Pandemic

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TL;DR: The ending of this school year will bring up many questions about the future of education post-pandemic. Consider what you would like to leave in the past from pre-pandemic times. Reflect on what you’ve learned through teaching in the pandemic. Then, use these reflections to decide what you’d like to continue doing in a post-pandemic world. As you read … Read More

The Three Stages Of The Pandemic

Steven WeberBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: We can develop multiple scenarios and begin to recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19 on education. Use surveys, focus groups, SWOT analysis, and questions to drive the work of educators during all three stages of the pandemic.  As teachers and students continue the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, there is uncertainty about the learning environment, student … Read More

Education in a Post-Pandemic World

Steven WeberBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: To prepare for education in a post-pandemic world, there are a number of questions that school teams should consider. These questions range from reflecting on how schools will look in the future, what we have learned about equity and the needs of our students, trauma-informed schools and classrooms, master schedules, social-emotional learning, and more. Uncertainty and disruption are two … Read More

Post-Pandemic Mental Health: Is Stigma Staying in 2020?

Cait O'ConnorBlog, Teach Happier

TL;DR: To end the mental health stigma, we must provide space to talk about ALL mental health/mental illness without judgment. Mindfulness is only one of the many tools teachers and students can use as a way of fostering emotional regulation. We must recognize the various types of mental illness and normalize the treatment process. Since March 2020, anxiety has become … Read More

Highlights of 2020: In Case You Missed It

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TL;DR: This post shares highlights of Teach Better blog posts in 2020. Categories for posts include pandemic teaching, self-care, instructional strategies, conversations, growth mindset, communication, and leadership. Pandemic Teaching 3 Ways to Support Students Virtually by Chelsea Nicolino 5 Ways to Support Students and Teachers Virtually and Maintaining Rigor through Distance Learning by Chad Ostrowski Key Considerations for Educators During … Read More