Finding Your Voice

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TL;DR: Finding your voice as a new teacher can be challenging. But your voice is as important now than it has been ever before. Identify your why, get connected on social media, and get involved to find your voice. As a new teacher, finding your voice in your new school community can be challenging. Add to that a pandemic, forcing … Read More

9 Tips for Mentoring

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In This Post: The importance of mentoring for both student teachers and first year teachers. Practical tips compiled from years of mentoring experience. Helpful ways to mentor new teachers and student teachers, based on mentee feedback! Mentoring is an art, much like teaching; there’s no other way to describe it. One must find a way to hone in on their … Read More

Find Your Tribe – A conversation with two new teachers about building your PLN

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In this post: Suan Jachymiak (@msjachymiak) and Erin Hall (@erinhall47) share their different experiences building their Persona/Professional Learning Network (PLN). Susan has utilizes Twitter, and Twitter Chats, to form a massive virtual network that has helped support her first year as a teacher. Erin took a more local approach, starting YES RI and connecting young educators throughout Rhode Island. Regardless … Read More