Building Professional Connections in Your Network

Kristen KoppersBlog, Connect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Having a professional network and people to connect with is valuable. Even though reaching out can be difficult for some, find ways to connect to people in your school. Make connections with other professionals outside of school, even non-educators. Let’s just be real here for a moment. Having friends definitely makes work —and life, for that matter— better. We … Read More

Growing Your PLN Through Podcasting

Chad OstrowskiBlog, Innovate Better, Lead Better, Tech Better

In This Post: The benefits of having a wide Professional Learning Network, or PLN. Ways podcasts can help build your PLN as a listener, guest, or host! In my work with teachers across the country, something that constantly comes up is how to effectively grow your “PLN” or “Professional Learning Network”. More than ever this has become a staple in … Read More