Bracket Your Day with Consistent Routines

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TL;DR: Structure the beginning of your day to have a consistent routine.  Before leaving work, clean up your email inbox by returning all messages from the day. As you end your day, create a system to keep track of items that need to be addressed the following day.  As school leaders begin their school year supporting their students, staff, parents, … Read More

3 Takeaways That Build Your Mindset Momentum

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TL;DR: Your morning routine starts the night before. Create routines based on what you want to feel. Incorporate small, simple, and strategic steps along the way. Remember that each day is YOUR day! Build Your Mindset Momentum  It’s always an honor being a guest on the Daily Drop In series with my Teach Better Family. The Daily Drop Ins, after … Read More

Finding Success for Tomorrow, the Night Before

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TL;DR: When we understand how the thoughts we are thinking lead to the actions we are taking, this is when transformative change happens. Thinking better is a process that we grow and learn from every day. Enhance your evening routine to set you up for success the very next day! When it comes to thinking better, one thing I think … Read More

Building Momentum Through Your Morning Routine

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TL;DR: A morning routine can help start your day on the right foot. Beginning your day with gratitude can lead to more positive thinking. Add things like meditation, journaling, yoga, stretching, working out, listening to a motivational podcast, or writing goals or growth statements to your morning routine. For years I had heard the importance of having a morning routine. … Read More