Rethinking Leadership in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

Roseanne JaneBlog, Lead Better

TL;DR: Rethinking leadership in a post-pandemic landscape means schools should carefully consider the qualifications of future leaders. It is important to be flexible and adaptable when considering schedules for the upcoming year. Establish an ongoing dialogue to empower staff. Develop plans for mental health support to be proactive in the upcoming year. The United States has finally reached a point … Read More

Committed to Eminence Part 1 – Jeff Springer

Rob BreyerGuiding Principals Podcast

Jeff Springer | EdD Committed to Eminence An educator for 34 years, is the founder of the G.O.A.L. TEAM (Getting Others to Achieve Higher Levels). The G.O.A.L. TEAM, was created for helping high school students and young adults to maximize their personal leadership potential. Jeff, a former Texas High School Head Football Coach and eleven-year veteran of the classroom, is … Read More

Navigating Self-Care Through the 3 Ships

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TL;DR: Navigate your self-care through the 3 ships: relationships, leadership, and partnerships. Teachers are more stressed, overwhelmed, and past the point of burnout than ever before.  Implementing self-care is something that needs to be done proactively and often. When I first started on my maiden voyage into education, our school had a part-time wellness coordinator.  As a stipended paraprofessional, her … Read More

Power or Influence – Marcus Broadhead

Rob BreyerGuiding Principals Podcast

Dr. Marcus Broadhead Dr. Marcus L. Broadhead has been an educator for over 20 years. Having started his career as an English teacher in Long Island, New York, he has had the privilege to work with students from the seventh grade through college prior to going into educational administration.  He currently serves as the principal of Bennett’s Mill Middle school in … Read More