Inspire Leadership – Joël McLean

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Guest: Joël McLean Joël is presently the principal of 2 schools (elementary and secondary), as well as a Certified Provincial Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Inspire Leadership Coaching, and the host of Inspire Leadership Podcast. Contact via Twitter @jprofNB Please use the hashtag #TGPP to continue the conversation, make suggestions, provide feedback, and ask questions.  Connect with me directly by tweeting me at @rbreyer51. … Read More

5 Characteristics of Strong School Leaders

Chad OstrowskiBlog, Lead Better

> In This Post: The 5 qualities successful most school leaders have. Ideas on how to become a more successful leader in your school – no matter your position! Being a school leader is about more than a title or position. It’s about imparting change and leading the vision of a school, class, or department. And it’s not always easy. In … Read More

The Town Crier – Dr. Christina Podraza

Rob BreyerGuiding Principals Podcast

Dr. Christina Podraza is a principal and former instructional coach with 20 years of experience in the classroom from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Deeply passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences that empower students, she works daily to build a positive school culture focused on growing the strengths of those around her. Stay connected with Dr. Podraza by checking out her … Read More

Whack-A-Mole Leadership – Dr. Steven Weber

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Dr. Steven Weber is the Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning with Fayetteville Public Schools in Arkansas.  He brings more than 20 years of experience to the district having previously served as the Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction with Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (NC). Dr. Weber also held the position of Director of Secondary Instruction for Orange County Schools … Read More

Getting Outside The Box – Robert Palazzo

Rob BreyerGuiding Principals Podcast

Robert started his educational career as a school psychologist, working with students in grades K-12.  After spending 8 years in that role, and seeking out lots of opportunities for leadership, he took the jump to serve as an elementary principal at Panther Valley School District in Pennsylvania.  Over the past three years, his focus has been on creating a positive … Read More