Outward Focused Leadership

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TL;DR: It is common for educators in newly appointed leadership roles to share more about them than learn about the people they serve. They typically have an “Inward Focus.” As classroom teachers, the beginning of the school year tends to focus on students. They typically have an “Outward Focus.” Educators transitioning from teaching to administration should apply the same leadership … Read More

Agile Leadership During A Storm

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TL;DR: Agile school leaders designing plans with multiple contingency plans and keep the end in mind. Seek clarity in the storm and in your plans to communicate with the public.  Embrace complexity and allow cognitive elasticity to support team decisions, rather than relying on traditional approaches and what worked in the past. “This is about identifying the direction you and the … Read More

Great Leaders Know When to Get Off Their Soapbox

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TL;DR: We all have a soapbox. It may be more important to get off the soapbox than to constantly stand on the soapbox and announce our good intentions.  The “Knowing-Doing Gap” is created when school staff know the jargon, but fail to change their practice. Eduspeak is one of the main barriers to supporting more students and transforming teaching and … Read More

The Time is NOW for Compassionate Hiring

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TL;DR: During the interview process, teacher candidates deserve compassionate conditions through which their competence and character may be revealed. Some ways to show compassion are: provide details before the interview, set a welcoming and positive tone at the beginning of the interview, make it visible that you are listening, close the interview by asking if the candidate has any questions … Read More

How to Effectively Lead and Manage Change

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TL;DR: School leaders can effectively lead and manage change by communicating why change is necessary. School leaders should involve team members in the change process, and explain and articulate what the change will look like. Leaders put the needs of their people first by providing support and helping them navigate through the process. By not possessing a domineering personality as … Read More