Changed Instructional Habits: Featuring Kevin J. Butler

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This week’s guest, Kevin J. Butler, shares how he lost his passion to teach and how he transformed his teaching style to become more engaging. While teachers don’t train to be entertainers, teaching must capture students’ attention and at times entertain them. This doesn’t mean that every lesson has to be a Broadway musical number, but it does require educators … Read More

A Place They Love: Featuring Elijah Carbajal

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This week’s guest, Elijah Carbajal, shares how to be the best version of ourselves to create an environment that is inviting, caring, and accepting of all students. If you are looking to improve your classroom culture, this is the episode for you!   In this episode, we discuss: Leading With Service  The Shut Up and Teach Podcast And his soon to … Read More

Bonus Episode: Hacking Assessment Featuring Starr Sackstein

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Aspire to Lead. Starr Sackstein, Joshua Stamper, Hacking Assessment

In this bonus episode, Starr Sackstein shares her exciting announcement about Hacking Assessment and we discuss how to shift the “Grades Mindset”, change your grading system, and improve the feedback process.  In this episode, we discuss: A No-Grade Classroom Rebranding Assignments as learning experiences Project based learning – Teaching the Reflection Process Ditching the Traditional Gradebook And her new edition, … Read More

Be GREAT: Featuring Dwight Carter

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This week’s guest, Dwight Carter, shares how the motto “Be GREAT” changed his mindset, school culture assessment, and trajectory of his leadership journey. Join us as we explore Dwight’s new district position and new book, Be Great!   In this episode, we discuss: Assessing School and District Culture Gratitude Techniques And his new book, Be Great: Five Principles to Improve School … Read More

Deconstructing Depth of Knowledge: Featuring Erik Francis

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Aspire to Lead. Erik Francis, Joshua Stamper, Depth of Knowledge

This week’s guest, Erik Francis, shares how depth of knowledge and questioning is the missing link in education. Join us as we break down the stages of depth of knowledge and how you can incorporate multiple strategies into your classroom.     In this episode, we discuss: Inquiry based instruction Changing the way we view education And his Newly Released Book, Deconstructing … Read More