Changed Instructional Habits: Featuring Kevin J. Butler

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Aspire to Lead, Kevin J. Butler, Joshua Stamper, Lights.Cameras.Teach!

This week’s guest, Kevin J. Butler, shares how he lost his passion to teach and how he transformed his teaching style to become more engaging. While teachers don’t train to be entertainers, teaching must capture students’ attention and at times entertain them. This doesn’t mean that every lesson has to be a Broadway musical number, but it does require educators … Read More

Aspire Mailbag: New Leadership or New Initiatives?

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Aspire Mailbag, Joshua Stamper, Jeff Gargas, Aspire to Lead, Teach Better

In this 26th Aspire Mailbag episode, Jeff Gargas and I answer questions on different leadership topics provided by the listeners. Please join us for this episode as we answer questions on new initiatives by new leaders, abandoning campus programs, leadership advice, the Teach Better conference, and the latest news with the Teach Better Team! Featuring Jeff Gargas and Joshua Stamper … Read More

Going Gradeless: Featuring David Frangiosa

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Aspire to Lead, David Frangiosa, Joshua Stamper, Going Gradeless

This week’s guest, David Frangiosa, shares how he used multiple grading procedures to discover a process that revolutionized his classroom and shifted the focus to learning, which was going gradeless. We dive into this structure of feedback, student self pacing, and the misconceptions of this system.  In this episode, we discuss: Utilizing an Accountability Checklist  The differences of going gradeless … Read More

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Featuring Katie Miglin

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Aspire to Lead, Katie Miglin, Joshua Stamper, Teach Better, Interdisciplinary Learning

This week’s guest, Katie Miglin, shares how to create an interdisciplinary learning experience in the classroom, while using the Grid Method to enhance student voice and ownership of the content.  In this episode, we discuss: New Teach Better Course on Interdisciplinary Learning New Opportunities to Provide Student Feedback And the Teach Better 22 Conference!  About Katie Miglin: Katie Miglin was … Read More

Unapologetic Leadership: Featuring Dr. Marcus Belin

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Aspire to Lead, Dr. Marcus Belin, Unapologetic Leadership, Joshua Stamper

This week’s guest, Dr. Marcus Belin, shares how a difficult start to his role as a Principal allowed him to appreciate, learn, and not regret the hard lessons of his leadership experience.    In this episode, we discuss: Setting Fire to the “Comfort Box” Showing Vulnerability and Transparency to your Staff And his podcast, Unapologetic Leadership About Dr. Marcus Belin: Born … Read More