Promoting Student Engagement and Collaboration using Breakouts

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TL;DR: An introduction the many ways breakouts can be used in your classroom. A “how to” for planning and implementing a breakout in your classroom. As a middle school teacher, I’m always looking for fun new ways to engage my students.  Their current favorite? Breakouts!  Planning a breakout can seem overwhelming, time consuming, and daunting.  I’m here to help walk … Read More

Gamification: Show Me The Evidence!

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TL;DR: The difference between playing games and gamification. Elements of gamification… that are also best practices of pedagogy. Research & evidence that supports using gamification for student success. As a teacher of a fully-gamified class, I often hear phrases such as, “That’s really cool, but how do you know the system is working?”  Most of the time this involves a … Read More

5 Ways to Adjust Lessons to Promote Creative Thinking

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TL;DR: The importance of creativity in the classroom. How creative thinking can increase the level of learning in your students. Five ways you can adjust or create lessons that promote creative thinking. Creativity is so valuable in our classrooms. With today’s focus on 21st century skills, thinking creatively is becoming even more important. We all know that the problems our … Read More

4 Steps to Successful Implementation of a New Idea

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In This Post: Success on New Year’s resolutions rarely ever happens. But why? The “New Year’s resolution” model doesn’t work for educational ideas either. Four steps to successfully implementing the new idea you’re considering. January is often a strange time at my gym.  New Year’s Resolutionists show up in droves. They pack into our small yoga studio spaces with their … Read More