Delighting in Inclusion

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TL;DR: Melinda Arnost is an educator, author/illustrator, and inclusion specialist. She was recently a guest on the Good News, Brad News Podcast. Her advocacy for inclusion started in high school inviting other students to join their Breakfast Club. As a teacher, Melinda trusted her gut and started teaching outside of the box in order to meet the needs of students. … Read More

5 Perspectives on Equity In Schools

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TL;DR: 5 perspectives on equity in schools include believers, doubters, traditionalists, bystanders, and upstanders. Exclusion and intolerance have no place in public education. Steven joined Rae Hughart for an episode of the Daily Drop In to discuss equity and inclusion. Click here to watch! There is a growing movement to denounce terms such as equity, inclusion, and culturally responsive teaching.  … Read More

Student Voices

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TL;DR: No matter the grade level, emphasize student voices. Let students have a voice; hear their opinions and build upon them. Consider student voices when lesson planning and teaching curriculum and content knowledge. “Equity and Inclusion Just Got Better” Journaling/Reflection Questions: How would you incorporate student voice into your curriculum? What does advocacy look like for you as an educator? … Read More

What Are Book Deserts?

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TL;DR: A book desert is defined as a “geographic area with limited access to age-appropriate books, print materials and reading culture.”  Reading requires time and access to materials. Students have a right to quality, diverse, and robust selections of books. Consider representation in reading materials. Readers who can see themselves in books are more likely to pick up more books. What is … Read More

Episode 23 | Featuring Hedreich Nichols

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Hedreich Nichols is a curriculum designer and Middle Years Program district edtech lead from North Texas. She is also an author and equity consultant helping teachers and districts amplify the voices of all students. With her Cherry Lake Publishing equity series books, What is Anti-racism? and What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?, as well as her upcoming Solution Tree title … Read More