Increasing Students’ #HopeCoefficient

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TL;DR: We must consider the benefits of increasing students’ #hopecoefficient. We should seek to develop hope among students to counteract this epidemic.  This post shares 13 tips to help students find their direction and purpose. Let’s revisit  If you weren’t able to catch my last piece concerning the #hopecoefficient, you can check it out here. In a nutshell, I discussed … Read More


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TL;DR: Excellence should be defined as consistently and intentionally improving every day in pursuit of doing your very best. We should have an educational environment that allows students to try and fail forward so that they can learn by making mistakes and grow as a result. Endorse the use of the 7 Habits. E is for EXCELLENCE Excellence is defined … Read More

Psychology Is Greater Than Pedagogy

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TL;DR: Generational poverty and general helplessness are very real. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), poverty, mental health, and learned helplessness all connect. Educators should embed hope in their lesson plans and schools should make it a part of the culture. Educators know that to truly overhaul our educational system, we must overhaul our focus: psychology is greater than pedagogy.  Psychology Is … Read More

Eternal Memories Manifest Hope for the Future

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TL;DR: Modeling behaviors and practices can have a long-lasting impact on those surrounding you. Model effective styles of communication, teaching and learning practices, approaches to management, and leadership qualities to have a positive influence on others. Eternal memories can manifest hope for the future; sometimes the behaviors you observe of others become a part of you. Eternal Memories: My Eternal … Read More