If Not Ed | Hedreich Nichols | Myths of Summative Assessment

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:11), Tom opens this week by talking about what career he would have chosen had he not gone into education. Then, Tom is joined by author and podcast host Hedreich Nichols (14:14) for a conversation about the anti-racism work and what it means to be a culturally responsive educator.  Finally, in Assessment Corner (1:02:55), Tom deconstructs … Read More

Aspire Mailbag: Staff Retention with Hedreich Nichols

Joshua StamperAspire Podcast

Aspire Mailbag, Joshua Stamper, Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast, Jeff Gargas, Hedreich Nichols, Teach Better

In the 19th Aspire Mailbag episode, Hedreich Nichols, Jeff Gargas, and I answer questions on different leadership topics provided by the listeners. Please join us for this episode as we answer questions and discuss how to retain staff, make every student feel included in school, top characteristics of a good leader, and the newest Teach Better projects! About Hedreich Nichols: … Read More

SmallBites E34: Civil DIsagreement in the Classroom

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

As educators, teaching the next generation of citizens is a big part of what we do. We give students mottos and mission statement like be ready, responsible and respectful. We give schools mottos like Pro Scientia Atque Sapientia (for knowledge and wisdom). We have vision statements like Empowering all Students, Celebrating our Community, Inspiring Lifelong Growth. We give them those … Read More

SmallBites Lagniappe: To Administrators and District Leaders on the Eve of the Inauguration

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

Many educators as well as campus leaders are fearful about discussions going off the rails or parental backlash if they watch tomorrow’s inauguration. There is no need for either. If we say the pledge in our buildings, “One Nation, under God Indivisible…”, then we can find a way to watch history in unity. Listen to the end for a simple … Read More