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TL;DR: Let’s #stopthehate so we can live in a better society for our kids and for their kids.  If you see a student getting harassed, educate, intervene, and discuss. Do not ignore it! #stopthehate So May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month.  In this blog, I would like to go over the struggles and triumphs my family and I have had … Read More

What’s Your Admin Superpower?

Latrese YoungerBlog, Lead Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: Discover your admin superpower by discovering your self-worth, examining your catalyst, and identifying your epiphany. Once you are aware of your strengths, you are better equipped to work with others to help them identify theirs. Discover Your Admin Superpower: First, Discover Your Self Worth. I never truly felt good at teaching until around my fifth year as an educator. … Read More

Spirit Week: Five Questions School Teams Should Address

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TL;DR: Spirit Week can have good intentions, but it is important to make all students feel included each day. Considerations are offered for the following Spirit Days: Beach Day, College Spirit Day, Disney Day, Fancy Friday, Jersey Day, School T-Shirt Day, and Tacky Christmas Sweater Day. Make sure you school’s theme week aligns to your school district’s mission statement. Spirit … Read More

Strategies to Support Students in Difficult Times

Colissa JordanBlog, Connect Better

TL;DR: Over the last year, educators and students have faced many difficult and traumatic events. The first step to supporting your students is to understand the signs of trauma. Understand how to respond when students show their emotions or make an uncomfortable statement. Pay attention to marginalized groups and take notes of students who may be likely to be bullied. … Read More

Finding Your Dream Job

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TL;DR: To find your dream job, you first must reflect on your why. Then, make sure the responsibilities and tasks that create your job description allow you to work towards your goals and motivations. Land your dream job by completing background research, visualizing your position, and follow the outlined steps for an impactful interview. In this penultimate post for our … Read More