Create Your Own Breakout EDU or Escape Room Challenge

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Create Your Own Breakout or Escape Room Challenge

I love the concept of Escape Rooms and Breakout EDU challenges! I think escape rooms and breakout EDU challenges are great ways to encourage teamwork, build a strong and positive classroom culture, and engage students with challenging ideas in a low-stress (but high-fun!) way. Over the last year, I’ve created my own version of a hybrid-Escape/Breakout Challenge that is very … Read More

Digital Citizenship: Is Your School R.E.A.D.Y. to be Good Digital Citizens?

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Digital Citizenship - Is your school ready to be good citizens_

Are your students ready to be good digital citizens? Todays’ students are using technology to collaborate, learn, research, and communicate while at school. Blended and personalized learning with digital tools has flooded classrooms, but most teacher-prep programs do not incorporate digital citizenship as requirements for teacher certification. This leads to a cross roads of districts pushing digital learning into schools … Read More

Helping Black Students find their Voice in School

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Helping Black Students Find Their Voice in School

Helping black boys find their voice: The Power of Thematic Teaching in High School English Classrooms What we know: I’ve taught High School English for over 15 years, and I’ve fought the notion that the classics are “clientele specific.” In more forward terms, you can’t teach the classics if you have a room comprised of mostly black teenage boys. You … Read More

Stories of Building Relationships with Students

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There is nothing more important to a classroom than the relationships you form with your students. I learned early as a teacher the old adage, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Something as simple as a birthday card can be such an inspiration to a child. It is assumed that since we … Read More