The Power of Reinvention

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TL;DR: The story of the blogger’s dad is shared to demonstrate the power of reinventing oneself. Growth is the heart of reinvention and we won’t fulfill our fullest potential without it. Teach students skills so that each individual can invent and continuously reinvent themselves. The Power of Reinvention: The Story of My Dad My father is one of the most … Read More

Maintaining a Summertime Social Justice Practice

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TL;DR: Social justice work is about consistent commitment and action. Reflect, disrupt, and teach to maintain a social justice practice this summer. Summer is a time when teachers rest, relax, and catch up on the reading we didn’t get to do during the school year (or is that just me?). Most teachers, even through summer, spend time planning for the … Read More

Increasing Students’ #HopeCoefficient

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TL;DR: We must consider the benefits of increasing students’ #hopecoefficient. We should seek to develop hope among students to counteract this epidemic.  This post shares 13 tips to help students find their direction and purpose. Let’s revisit  If you weren’t able to catch my last piece concerning the #hopecoefficient, you can check it out here. In a nutshell, I discussed … Read More

What’s Your Sound Quality?

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TL;DR: Internal “sound-quality” = the way you make students feel through your words, actions, and deeds by the way you engage, educate, and elevate every learner towards excellence. It’s important to stay passionate and purpose-driven because YOU are the essential element to every classroom experience and every learner’s excellence. We need to take the time to recognize and understand what … Read More

Should Teachers Have a Side Hustle?

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TL;DR: This post evaluates and thoroughly examines the two sides of whether teachers should have a side hustle.  Two differing scenarios are mentioned, for and against having a side hustle. Five reasons why you should start a side hustle are shared.  This is an interesting thought to reflect on because there is no easy answer, nor is there one single … Read More