The Key to Improving Our Education System: Understanding the Recipe of Learning

Shawn K. ChangBlog, Engage Better, Reflect Better, Self Care Better

TL;DR: Understanding the recipe of learning will help our education system improve. Instead of focusing on professional development, personal development should be at the center for both teachers and students. Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, helped guide this understanding with his words and teachings. Adding additional variables to “fix” something rather than focusing on the existing variables won’t … Read More

The Power of Reinvention

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TL;DR: The story of the blogger’s dad is shared to demonstrate the power of reinventing oneself. Growth is the heart of reinvention and we won’t fulfill our fullest potential without it. Teach students skills so that each individual can invent and continuously reinvent themselves. The Power of Reinvention: The Story of My Dad My father is one of the most … Read More

Ep. 26: Happiness Killer | Defining Success | Transcripts

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (2:16), Tom identifies the most efficient and effective happiness killer. Then (15:11) hear how the first 24 guests have answered the question, “What’s your definition of success?” Finally, in Assessment Corner (37:02), Tom describes why conversations about a new vision for university transcripts need to be thought through in terms of plausibility for the end-users; that … Read More

Finding Success for Tomorrow, the Night Before

Lindsay TitusBlog, Self Care Better, Teach Happier

TL;DR: When we understand how the thoughts we are thinking lead to the actions we are taking, this is when transformative change happens. Thinking better is a process that we grow and learn from every day. Enhance your evening routine to set you up for success the very next day! When it comes to thinking better, one thing I think … Read More