#TeacherLife – Finding a PLN on Instagram

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In This Post: Instagram has become an incredible place for teachers to connect and grow. If you’re looking to get on Instagram, or grow your PLN, consider creating a teacher-specific account. Following the right people and the right hashtags to engage with the right people and content. Join the conversation! Share, DM people, and stay engaged! The meteoric rise of … Read More

Setting the Stage: Experimentation in the Classroom

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In This Post If you create a space where your students feel confident and safe to experiment and challenge themselves, they will be your biggest cheerleaders as you begin to do the same! Keeping parents in the loop can make a lesson powerful in the classroom and even at home. Use interdisciplinary strategies to build more experimentation in the classroom. … Read More

Find Your Tribe – A conversation with two new teachers about building your PLN

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In this post: Suan Jachymiak (@msjachymiak) and Erin Hall (@erinhall47) share their different experiences building their Persona/Professional Learning Network (PLN). Susan has utilizes Twitter, and Twitter Chats, to form a massive virtual network that has helped support her first year as a teacher. Erin took a more local approach, starting YES RI and connecting young educators throughout Rhode Island. Regardless … Read More

36: Building a Support System – Erin Hall chats with us about finding a way to connect the social and professional experiences for educators.

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Listen to episode 36 of Teach Better Talk podcast

9th grade english teacher, and founder of YES RI, Erin Hall, chats with us about finding a way to connect the social and professional experiences for educators, keeping teachers supported and motivated, and reflecting on everything you do. Erin shares why communication is key, and explains how students liking you and students respecting you do not need to be exclusive. … Read More

Create Your Own Breakout EDU or Escape Room Challenge

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Create Your Own Breakout or Escape Room Challenge

I love the concept of Escape Rooms and Breakout EDU challenges! I think escape rooms and breakout EDU challenges are great ways to encourage teamwork, build a strong and positive classroom culture, and engage students with challenging ideas in a low-stress (but high-fun!) way. Over the last year, I’ve created my own version of a hybrid-Escape/Breakout Challenge that is very … Read More