Ep. 28: Debating Both Sides | Muhammad Khalifa | Homework

Tom SchimmerThe Tom Schimmer Podcast

In Don’t @ Me (1:50), Tom discusses how, by taking a balanced approach to issues or topics, people end up debating the extreme positions on both sides. Then, Tom is joined by Dr. Muhammad Khalifa (18:07) to discuss his book “Culturally Responsive School Leadership” and racial equity, in general. Finally, in Assessment Corner (1:21:48), Tom begins the first of two … Read More

Three Qualities to Possess as an Educator

Nilmini Ratwatte-HenstridgeBlog, Connect Better, Engage Better

TL;DR: Focus on equity over equality: Treat students equitably and give them what they need to be successful by considering inclusion. Maslow before Bloom’s Taxonomy: Know your students and attend to their needs first. Find your own teaching philosophy. Be yourself. Qualities to Possess #1: See your classroom with EQUITY as a focus. Equity vs. Equality—there is no DEBATE! You … Read More

E35 Civil Disagreement in the Classroom Pt. 2

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

This episode dives into the connection of communication and civics standards to every K-12 grade level and content area. We can’t be afraid to teach respect, empathy and citizenship because we might get push back. Good citizenship is based on humanity and respect. Behaviors that do not exemplify those tenets can be discussed so that our students can be better. … Read More

SmallBites E34: Civil DIsagreement in the Classroom

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

As educators, teaching the next generation of citizens is a big part of what we do. We give students mottos and mission statement like be ready, responsible and respectful. We give schools mottos like Pro Scientia Atque Sapientia (for knowledge and wisdom). We have vision statements like Empowering all Students, Celebrating our Community, Inspiring Lifelong Growth. We give them those … Read More

Bias and Buzzwords

Hedreich NicholsSmall Bites Podcast

Is Bias a real thing or do people just like to throw around terms like White fragility and racist? The isms and the phobes are inflammatory. Do you like to be called names? Most of us don’t. Still, does offense at one negate the other? Listen, learn and share. From the blogpost:¬†What did the words you said or wrote do … Read More