5 Quick Tips For HyFlex Instruction

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TL;DR: HyFlex instruction is when teachers provide in-person and online learning experiences simultaneously. Tips for HyFlex instruction include being simple and authentic, checking in with students, using the chat feature, keeping the meet on during independent activities, making eye contact with learners, and providing ongoing feedback. Always Learning As I scrolled through Twitter this week, I stumbled across a term … Read More

Cue the Celebrations! How to Celebrate in Schools Today!

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TL;DR: Celebrating is like a skill that gets easier with practice. Start by teaching students why and how we celebrate as a class by keeping a list of celebrations to share publicly each day or privately through a weekly personal journal. Celebrate students by sharing messages via email, communication apps like SeeSaw, Post-it notes, or on desks with dry-erase markers. … Read More

Choice + Voice: Powerhouse Combo in the Classroom

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TL;DR: Choice and voice are essential in order to engage students. Student choice is directly related to the concept of autonomy. Student voice is often communicated through their choices and behaviors. It might be the teacher in me, but when words rhyme or have a strong sense of alliteration, I’m all for it! Two of my favorites? CHOICE + VOICE, … Read More