Welcome Forward! Creating an Engaging First Day of School

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TL;DR: Plan your first day of school so that students (and staff) are excited for day two. Increase engagement and excitement on the first day of school with chalk the walk, photo ops, pep rallies, and music & competition. Although some of you may have already returned to school, we’re gearing up for the 2021-2022 school year on the East … Read More

Engage Until the End: Reflecting on the End of the Year

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TL;DR: Reflect by creating a visual timeline, class memory book, or slideshow. Culminating projects to show what students learned during the year include a book sales pitch with their favorite books showcased, summer or year-end BINGO cards, or a game of Family Feud. Proper closure to the year is important. Some ideas include writing a letter to their next year’s … Read More

Engage with Others: Let Them Be Seen!

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TL;DR: Engage with others better by being intentional about how you are acknowledging them. Create a sense of belonging by offering a personal greeting or a compliment. Don’t let anyone feel invisible as you walk by them in the hallway. The cafeteria is a great place to interact with students outside of the classroom. I love a good challenge! Last … Read More

Engage Students with Magic Glasses & Table Dancing

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TL;DR: Reimagine your lessons to make them more engaging for students. Some ways to engage students with your lessons include magic glasses and table dancing. Other ways to increase engagement in your lessons include finding ways to infuse movement, friendly competition, student conversations, and sometimes a little whimsy.  Bueller? Bueller? Bueller…anyone? Anyone?  Are you teaching to an ‘empty’ room? If … Read More