Tiny Teachers | Episode 24 with Roots of Empathy

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Roots of Empathy (ROE) is a unique and impactful social-emotional literacy program reaching over 1 million young people globally. Created by Canadian educator and child advocate Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy leverages the influence of a local family and their baby, who is four months old at the start of the program. Parent and baby visit an elementary classroom once … Read More

Empathy Day 2021

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TL;DR: June 10 is #Empathy Day. Mark your calendars! There is a free live event and free resources offered by the Empathy Lab. Some ideas for Empathy Day celebrations: check out the free toolkit for elementary and secondary, take an empathy walk, join the live program, and read empathy themed books. Resources galore below! Mark your calendar! June 10 is … Read More

Episode #115: Listen Courageously to the WHY Behind the Story with Juliana Tafur

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Episode #115: Listening Couragously with Juliana Tafur

Juliana Tafur is an award-winning filmmaker and workshop creator devoted to using films to facilitate experiences that promote understanding and foster human connection. She has been on a listening journey for the past four years. First, as she produced/directed the documentary “List(e)n” and later as she created the Listen Courageously movement. Now, she facilitates workshops on the power of navigating our … Read More

The Empathetic Leader

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TL;DR: An empathetic leader breaks down walls, deepens relationships, and inspires others. They promote collaboration and help others feel valued.  Empathetic leaders listen and create opportunities for others to share. The conversation about empathy is trending. In the last decade, #GoogleTrends indicates that interest in empathy has grown more than 75%. The world is discovering that empathy is a power … Read More

The Empathetic Teacher

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TL;DR: Our learners’ behavior is an important form of communication.  Consider and revise your responses to student behavior to be more empathetic. Don’t assume how a learner is feeling; ask them directly. Validate your students’ feelings to ensure they feel heard and understood. During my first year teaching, I spent countless hours learning, planning, and creating. I loved every second … Read More