5 Characteristics of Strong School Leaders

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> In This Post: The 5 qualities successful most school leaders have. Ideas on how to become a more successful leader in your school – no matter your position! Being a school leader is about more than a title or position. It’s about imparting change and leading the vision of a school, class, or department. And it’s not always easy. In … Read More

Make Every Moment Count: Myths and Strategies for Learning

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In this post: A dispelling of some popular educational myths Tips to help students discover and activate their studying abilities Strategies to make every moment of learning count Tips to take directly into your classroom to help students learn more effectively When my 10 pound baby was born, I realized my first born son had gone his whole life (almost … Read More

How eLearning is Changing the World

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Video Highlights: Rae Hughart breaks down just 3 of the many definitions of eLearning, and how eLearning is changing the world of education. There are many definitions for “eLearning.” Rae covers 3 definitions: Ways you are learning online. Reading a blog, watching a video, or taking an online course. eLearning is making content more accessible. If you want to learn … Read More

Let Spoken Word Transform Your Poetry Unit!

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Let Spoken Word Transform Your Poetry Unit

Don’t Fear the Poetry Unit. I don’t know about you, but the loudest collective groan to ricochet off the four walls of my classroom occurs the moment I announce the start of our poetry unit. Without fail, students go into panic mode. They offer to do double the homework for a month if we could just read another novel. I … Read More

Teaching: The Call Worth Heeding

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TEACHING - The Call Worth Heeding

Truth be told, teaching was not my first career choice. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Back in the early 2000s, as a young college student in Boston, I set out to be, of all things, a politician. Yes, you read that correctly. When I decided to attend Suffolk University, a medium-sized institution in the heart of Beantown, I … Read More