Slow Down! Children Are Learning! | Episode 30 with Erin Mengeu

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Erin Mengeu is a passionate educator and mom of three beautiful and energetic kids. Erin’s goal is to help educators and families implement strategies for developmental growth. She is a newly-published author of Slow Down! Children Are Learning! Erin has taught elementary school for 18 years and has a Master’s Degree in The Art of Teaching. Her passion is teaching … Read More

Above & Beyond | Episode 29 with Tim Stephenson

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Meet Tim Stephenson—husband and father, high school teacher, author, blogger, podcaster and TEDx presenter, from Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Tim has made a career out of teaching science, notably through an Astronomy course that he created. He made a commitment early on to interact with his students and curriculum in uniquely connective ways, with a stance of curiosity, excitement, and … Read More

What Education Could Be

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TL;DR: Education has evolved so much over the years, including busing, school meals, accommodations, and more. Imagine what education could be if we stopped placing limits on it. This post shares a hypothetical ideal world for education. How We Got Here The 14th Amendment required states to set up a public school system.  That was in 1868, 153 years ago … Read More

17 #Edtech Tools to Try in 2022

Eric GuiseGot TechED Podcast

GotTechED EP102

GotTechED the Podcast Episode #102: 17 EdTech Tools for 2022 Welcome back to GotTechED the podcast this is Episode #102 called “17 EdTech Tools for 2022” In this episode, Guise and I will discuss some of the edtech resources that we think will be most valuable this coming year. We’ll also share some of our own, edtech new years resolutions. This is another … Read More

Tech & Transformation | Episode 27 with Debbie Tannenbaum

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Debbie Tannenbaum is a School Based Technology Specialist in Fairfax County, Virginia. Debbie loves learning and helping students and teachers use technology as a creative tool to activate and amplify student learning. Debbie has always loved using technology. She has a Masters in Educational Technology from Johns Hopkins University (2002). Before becoming a Technology Specialist, Debbie was a classroom teacher … Read More