Making Your Mark on Students and on Your Building

Dana GoodierBlog, Lead Better, Manage Better

TL;DR: Bring inspiration into your classroom to have a positive school year. Build strong positive relationships and guide students to have positive relationships with others. Find ways to contribute to your school and community. As we start the 22-23 school year, we’re all looking for new and innovative ways to make our marks on students, our building, and/or our community. … Read More

Creating Communities Where Every Child Feels a Sense of Belonging with Michelle Goldshlag

Lindsay LyonsTime for Teachership Podcast

 School culture is affected by anyone who is connected to your school, this means administrators, teachers, students, other faculty, and families. ⁠ ⁠ If you want a culture that reflects belonging, Michelle emphasizes the importance of listening, leaning into discomfort and being equitable in who has power to effect change. ⁠ ⁠ Learn more about creating thriving communities and … Read More

How can Assessment Cultivate Equity, Learning, and Community? (w Adelee Penner)

Natalie Vardabasso#EduCrush Podcast

Assessment has many negative emotions attached to it due to the history of the word, yet it has so much potential to cultivate the equitable learning communities we all dream of. Adelee Penner has experienced the school system in a wide range of roles, from teacher to leader, public to private, and system-wide to independent. In the episode, we discuss … Read More

Connecting Our EL Students Across the Community

Andrea BitnerBlog, Connect Better, Differentiate Better, Engage Better, Lead Better

TL;DR: EL students can feel very isolated and overwhelmed in school. Bringing EL students together can help them feel less alone. As educators, we need to find ways to give them a sense of community. Connect the dots to see the bigger picture when connecting our EL students across the country. Connecting Our EL Students Across the Community: Flying Solo … Read More