Top 6 Classroom Management Pet Peeves

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Video Highlights: Tiffany Ott gets on a soapbox about her top 6 classroom management Pet Peeves! When should you punish the whole class for the actions of a few? Never! Let’s talk about recess Consistency, consistency, consistency Public shaming? I don’t think so! When you need help, get help! About Tiffany Ott Tiffany Ott is the Director of Curriculum Development … Read More

The 5 Senses behind Classroom Management

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In This Post: Classroom management blogs are filled to the brim with strategies and techniques to help students operate at their highest potential within the classroom environment. One idea often not discussed – the element of how a classroom’s physical space adds to classroom management success. Think of your favorite place to work; what makes it your favorite? How it … Read More

The Missing Piece in Your Classroom Management Plan

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The Missing Piece in Your Classroom Management Plan

In This Post: Many teachers, when they hear the term “classroom management,” think of things like rules, procedures, behavior, or tricks they’ve learned over the years. There is one component that is oddly overlooked. When you work WITH students, instead of against them, the entire equation changes. Define roles and expectations for both you and your students, talk about why … Read More

Classroom Management 101

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In this Post : Explore the two pillars of Classroom Management 101 : Climate / Culture & Movement Tactical approaches to begin implementing new strategies to set the tone for your classroom Exploring how movement can influence students ability to focus and accomplish tasks with ease. Classroom management is a never-ending strategy to reach your students better! Let’s explore the … Read More