Maintaining Rigor Through Distance Learning

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TL;DR: It’s okay to put out activities quickly when first switching to a distance learning model. Once you’ve made the shift, take time to ensure you’re promoting deep thinking and learning. First and foremost… Maintaining rigor is something that’s absolutely important, but may not be the immediate focus or a top priority of your planning. As you shift or begin … Read More

5 Ways To Support Students and Teachers Virtually

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TL;DR: A rapid shift to virtual learning can be difficult and stressful. 5 tips to support students and teachers virtually. Examples to implement each tip in your role. It’s Going To Be Ok… The transition to virtual learning or working from home can be a challenge for anyone. But learning and progress don’t have to be totally lost. Regardless of … Read More

BONUS EPISODE – Chad’s Keynote Talk at the 2019 Teach Better Conference

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This is the audio from Chad’s keynote talk at the 2019 Teach Better Conference in Akron, Ohio. Chad shares his story and the creation of the Teach Better Mindset, and the Teach Better Team. For more on the Teach Better Conference, visit:     About Chad Ostrowski Chad Ostrowski is the co-founder of the Teach Better Team and the … Read More

Building Better Rubrics

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In This Post: An experience with a badly created rubric. What rubrics should measure… and what they shouldn’t. Ideas to include students in rubrics and assessment. Some time ago, I sat listening to presentations from my students. I paused at a student who obviously had not understood the concepts they were presenting on. The student spoke well, included the required components in … Read More

3 Things Principals Should KNOW In Your Classroom Observation

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In This Post: Tips to always be ready for a principal observation! The three important questions your principal (or anyone) wants answered in a classroom visit. The importance of regular procedures for your classroom and your students. Ways to help students be aware of their learning goals, assessment, and procedures. That moment when…  It’s last period, you’re fighting off a … Read More